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Sourcing Brilliant Locally Grown Wedding Flowers

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If you want fabulous marriage flowers, the key is buying local flowers in their normal growing season and locating beautiful seasonal ideas from the UK’s Top Florists.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding flowers then look to the seasonal country for a wonderful choice of colours, scents and style? By choosing flowers that are grown hereabouts you can make a actually timeless and connected feel for your party with flowers that awaken the romance of the season and the unique quintessence of the place that you live.

Each season offers a superb choice of different colours, shapes and beautiful scents that you can use to give that WOW factor to your flowers ; making an occasion to recollect for your visitors.

Many of us are now familiar with the benefits of finding and purchasing locally grown seasonal food products but when it comes to cut flowers we often do not know where the flowers are harvested. Only a tiny share of flowers sold in the UK are basically now grown in England. Heavy competition from the overseas growers and the lure of the provision of an all the year round supply has meant that the amount of UK growers has reduced over the years. But it’s’s not all awful news for growers as hereabouts grown flowers together with Eco conscious marriages are predicted to be one of the freshest new trends for marriages.

How can I Find Locally Grown Flowers for my wedding?

If you’re inspired to put regionally grown flowers on the top of your eco friendly marriage list then the first step in locating local seasonal flowers for your marriage is to approach your florist and discuss with them your ideas for locally sourced flowers. Some florists may have a policy for using Brit grown flowers or have a local provider that they use regularly – so ask them what’s available or what they can find for you.

You may find however that your florist doesn’t offer domestically sourced flowers implying you might wish to do some investigation yourself.

if you want to choose from the widest choice of flowers then pick a summer marriage date but even if you are opting for a spring, autumn or winter marriage there is no need to reach a compromise on style or beauty if you’re open to concepts. Be open minded and prepared to work with your florist to find the ideal UK grown flowers and foliage for your wedding whatever the season.